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xj2003-d bronzing laminating Machine

xj2003-d bronzing laminating Machine

Bronzing machine ManufacturersThe purpose of the production of bronzing laminating machine:

Mainly applicable to polyester, nylon, acrylic, polypropylene and other blended knitted fabrics, woven fabrics and dipped in cotton fabrics such as silk fabric surface and local bronzing and pressure gold role. Widely used in apparel, home textiles and other industries.


1, the stamping machine hot stamping clear, easy to operate, convenient, intuitive affinity, mechanical structure more reasonable.

2, the machine Automation degree is high, the pressure gold enters the material mouth does not need the artificial feeding, through the automatic exhibition edge, the flattening function can achieve the bronzing compound effect, simultaneously realizes the manpower saving goal.

3, the machine front and rear transmission is designed in the head of the linkage operation, exempt from the previous transmission on the ground caused by inconvenience of the trouble, so that reasonable use and save the site.

4, the mechanical reference to Korea bronzing equipment, combined with the actual needs of users, designed a new processing technology bronzing equipment.