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Pur-Hot Melt Adhesive laminating Machine

Pur-Hot Melt Adhesive laminating Machine

Technical parameter:

Product width: 1.6 m-4.5 m (customizable)

Roll width: 1.8 m-4.5 m (customizable)

Mechanical Speed: 3-45m/min

Mechanical Dimension: 7000*3000*2100mm

Heating Power: 48KW

Power supply: 380v/50hz

Mechanical Weight: About 7800kg

Heating mode: Electric heating, heat conduction oil or steam heating

Production of PurHot Melt Adhesive Laminating MachineAdvantages of the weapon:

1. The PUR hot melt adhesive does not contain solvents, is green environmental protection glue

2. Products without residual solvents, the production of pollution-free emissions, energy saving, small footprint

3.PUR Hot Melt glue, no drying, fast, good quality

5. The mechanical diversity of production design, the effect of good low-cost, reasonable design

6. Dot-shaped mesh on the plastic, finished product permeability is good, the three-dimensional sense of strong

7. Use oil heating or electric heating can be, by the user optional

8. Melt glue independent Release glue device

9. The machine full synchronous control, the substrate without stretching, soft, feel good

10. The mechanical operation is simple and convenient, save the operation personnel

11. Strong adhesion, Provincial electric Power province manual

Scope of application: Mainly used in Pu, TPU, PE, PTFE and other films and fabrics between the laminating, and a variety of fabrics and fabrics between the composite

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