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xj-2000a Hot Melt Powder Point transfer laminating machine

xj-2000a Hot Melt Powder Point transfer laminating machine

Different fromMesh Belt laminating Machine, xj-2000a hot-melt powder Point transfer composite machine for the use of equipment

 1. Apply in the film, breathable membrane and non-woven fabrics and other materials on the glue. Apply to baby diapers, medical protective clothing, food desiccant packaging bags and other industries products

2. Used in Non-woven fabrics and other materials on the glue Composite (fitting) and slitting processing. Applicable to domestic air purifier, automotive air purifier, air-conditioning, refrigerators and other ancillary filtration materials processing.

Equipment features

1, hot-melt powder composite machine using powder point transfer technology, the hot melt powder evenly transferred to the cloth, after baking, and then with the fabric heat compound, so that melts the glue point into the fabric into a certain depth, so that the two layers of strong bonded together, the use of different hot melt powder, can make composite fabric to get feel good, washable, sand washing, Dry cleaning and other advantages.

2, the machine conveyor belt with automatic infrared offset device, can effectively prevent deviation, prolong the service life of the conveyor belt.

3, the heating system of the machine is divided into two groups, the user can choose according to the needs of heating mode (a group or two groups), can effectively save energy, reduce production costs.

4, customers can be matched according to the needs of DC motor or inverter linkage, so that the machine has a better control.