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Sprinkle powder laminating Machine

Sprinkle powder laminating Machine

  Equipment use:

1. Mainly used in Non-woven or woven fabric on the hot melt adhesive powder, activated carbon mixed rubber powder, drug mixing powder and non-woven fabrics, interlining, knitted fabrics and other materials composite.

2. For the film and Non-woven fabrics for hot composite processing widely used in clothing, shoes and hats, automotive interiors, carpets, bags, filter materials and other industries

Equipment features

1. Adopt the imported temperature control system to ensure the drying temperature is constant.

2. Adopt special heating system, heat quickly, ensure the stability of hot melt effect.

3. The use of energy-saving electric insulation oven, so that the temperature is not easy to lose.

4. Sprinkle powder head using stirring, vibration system to ensure that the material surface powder evenly.

5. The transmission uses the frequency conversion synchronous control system, guarantees the speed and scatters the powder synchronization, causes the dusting quantity control evenly, the stability.