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Xj2000-x Waterproof and moisture permeable laminating machine

Xj2000-x Waterproof and moisture permeable laminating machine


Different fromTriple laminating Machine, the use of xj2000-x waterproof and breathable laminating machine: Mainly used for apparel fabrics, do not fall velvet, polar fleece, plush, non-woven fabrics, towel cloth, cotton, denim, tc cloth, lace cloth, leather, sponge, woven fabrics, PU leather, PVC leather and other materials of the composite. Widely used in clothing, winter clothes, warm underwear, insulation pad, car interiors, shoes, hats, bags, decoration, home textiles and other industries.


1, the machine Automation degree is high. The composite material has the advantages of even coating, compound leveling, no tensile deformation, no foaming, wrinkle-free, soft, excellent breathability, good take-up and so on.

2, composite materials, especially suitable for fabrics and fabrics, fabrics and double-sided or four-sided elastic knitted fabric, non-woven and leather, sponge and flannel, sponge and leather materials such as coating composite;

3, the collection, the release volume may according to the different material, chooses the suitable disposition;

4, suitable for water-soluble and solvent-based adhesive coating composite, to achieve a more versatile function.

5, the amount of glue and gelatinize can be adjusted according to material and actual needs.

6, drum heating can be used electricity, steam or heat-conducting oil to heat the way.

7. The width of the machine roll can be specified according to the maximum width of the actual material.