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Seamless Qiangbu laminating Machine

Seamless Qiangbu laminating Machine

The main technical parameters of seamless Qiangbu laminating machine:

Power supply: 380v/50hz

Effective width of material: 1.5 m-4.5 m (customizable)

Mechanical Roller width: 1.8 m-4.5 m (customizable)

Speed of mechanical equipment: 5-50m/min

Heating mode: Electric heating, heat conduction oil heating, steam heating

Overall dimension: About 11500mm*3850mm*2100mm

Machine Power: About 68KW

Equipment use: Mainly used for a variety of wallpaper, cloth, non-woven, woven, leather and other materials, mainly suitable for wallpaper, wall cloth, decorative, building materials, lighting, decoration, shoes, bags and other technical requirements of the composite.

Equipment Features:

1. The mechanical coating and gelatinize can be adjusted according to the material and actual needs.

2. The mechanical winding can be used surface friction or constant expansion of the center of the winding, easy to operate.

3. The machine can be in accordance with the requirements of different specifications of the paper, the use of magnetic powder system control tension, so that the paper coating evenly and smooth, strong adhesion, greatly improve the strength of the paper products.

4. The machine according to customer material requirements can be customized large width of the roll surface. (1800mm-3400mm unequal size)

5, suitable for water-soluble and solvent-based adhesive coating Composite, the realization of a machine multi-use function

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