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Application field of mesh belt compound machine
Edit:Wuxi Terry Machinery Factory   PublicDate:2018-02-26

  Mesh Belt laminating MachineRefers to home textiles, clothing, furniture, automotive interiors and other related industries of the composite equipment, mainly for all types of fabrics, leather, film, paper, sponge, etc., double-layer or laminated production process. Concrete is divided into rubber composite and adhesive-free composite, there are rubber complex, divided into water, PU oil, Hot melt adhesive, no glue composite process for direct hot pressing bonding or flame burning compounds between the materials. At present, the national standard of the composite machine has been implemented.


UseMesh Belt laminating MachineMainly used in film, breathable film and non-woven materials such as glue. Applicable to baby diapers, medical protective clothing, food desiccant packaging bags and other industrial products, mainly for non-woven materials such as plastic composite (laminated) and slotted processing. Applicable to domestic air purifier, automotive air purifier, air-conditioning, refrigerators and other auxiliary filtration processing equipment, mesh belt laminating machine glue point transfer User: This machine is suitable for textile, Non-woven fabric, breathable film and so on. Features: The use of glue point transfer and spraying glue evenly to the cloth, or coating, and then with the face cloth composite, spray-type use: This machine is suitable for textiles, non-woven fabrics and other composite materials.

Mesh Belt laminating Machine features: The use of spray glue evenly transferred to the fabric, and then with the surface cloth composite, mesh belt laminating machine for sponge, cloth, Eva, human leather and non-woven fabrics and other plastic composite materials. The use of high-temperature power belt pressure to improve product smoothness, improve product adhesion, while reducing fire, the machine uses frequency conversion synchronous control, to obtain the composite main dryer cloth and composite rewinding synchronous work, more convenient to use.