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What are the characteristics of composite machines produced by the compound machine manufacturers?
Edit:Wuxi Terry Machinery Factory   PublicDate:2017-11-28

  Composite machine ManufacturersThe production of the composite machine is to two or more than two layers of materials bonded into one with adhesives, so that the original materials to get new functions, such as film and aluminum foil, film, paper, Non-woven, etc. will often be used, but also with film, sponge, cloth and other composite, the common soft packaging materials are basically composite products, Generally speaking of the composite machine refers to home textiles, clothing, furniture, automotive interiors and other related industries in a composite equipment, mainly for all types of cloth, leather, film, paper, sponge, etc. two or multi-layer laminating production process. The concrete is divided into glue compound and no glue compound, have gum compound and be divided into water glue, pu oil glue, hot melt glue, etc., the glue-free compound process is the material between direct hot pressing bonding or flame burning compound.

     CurrentComposite machine ManufacturersThe production of the composite machine national standards have been implemented, uses: The application in the film, breathable film and non-woven materials, such as glue, apply to baby diapers, medical protective clothing, food desiccant bags and other industry products, applications in non-woven materials such as plastic composite (laminating) and slitting processing, applicable to home air purifier, automotive air purifier, Air conditioning, refrigerators and other ancillary filtration materials processing, laminating machine manufacturers of double glue-type use: The machine is suitable for fabrics, non-woven fabrics, sponges and other fabric surface glue compound. Features: The use of double slurry groove, can be two layers of fabric at the same time glue, improve adhesion fastness, glue point Transfer Type use: The machine is suitable for textiles, no textiles, breathable film and other fabrics compound. Features: The glue point transfer and spray glue method will be evenly transferred to the cloth, or film, and then with the face cloth composite.

Composite machine manufacturers to produce a composite machine can be two layers of material at the same time glue, so that the composite fastness is better, can also be used to three layers of thin materials one-time glue, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, double tape groove mesh belt and high temperature network belt pressure, so that the composite material and drying cylinder full contact, improve drying effect, Make the material after processing soft, washable, good fastness, the machine mesh belt with automatic infrared offset device, can effectively prevent the network belt deviation, extend the service life of the mesh belt.