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The mesh belt compound machine is a kind of compound machine
Edit:Wuxi Terry Machinery Factory   PublicDate:2018-05-24

     Mesh Belt laminating Machineis a composite machine, the laminating machine is adhesive bonding two or two layers of material. Make the raw materials have new functions. such as film and aluminum foil, film, paper, Non-woven fabrics, such as often used. It can also be combined with film, sponge, cloth and so on. The commonly used soft packaging materials are basically composite products. In general, the composite equipment is home textiles, clothing, furniture, automotive interiors and other related industries, a composite equipment. Mainly used in two or more layers of cloth, leather, film, paper, Sponge and so on. Adhesives are divided into adhesives and rubber-free materials, adhesives are divided into water, pu oil and hot melt adhesive.

Equipment features

1, two layers of material can be bonded together, so that the composite material fastness better. It can also be used for one-time gluing and laminating of three layers of sheet material to improve production efficiency and reduce production cost.

2, double adhesive groove Mesh belt composite and high temperature network with press, so that the composite material and dryer full contact to improve the drying effect, so that the material after processing soft, washable, fastness.

3, the net belt has the automatic infrared adjustment device, may effectively prevent the network belt to run the deviation, lengthens the network belt service life.

4, the machine heating system is divided into two groups. The user can choose the heating method (one group or two groups) according to the need, can save the energy effectively, reduce the production cost.

5, if necessary, should choose DC Motor or inverter, so that the machine more control.