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The difference between the dry-process laminating machine and the oil-glue laminating machine
Edit:Wuxi Terry Machinery Factory   PublicDate:2017-12-18

  Dry-process laminating machine is mainly used for paper/plastic, plastic/plastic, aluminum/plastic flexible packaging materials such as double-layer or multi-layer composite dry, general machine speed of 150 m/min, the general dry-type laminating machine has: high-precision cast iron frame, feeding automatic adjustment, three-roll pneumatic compound, closed hot air drying, motor shaft drive, PLC centralized control, such as a variety of composite materials, particularly suitable for bit cloth, cloth stickers, bits, leather, cloth stickers, sponge, sponge paste double-sided leather, fabric or materials such as elastic woven fabric lamination, according to different materials, choose the appropriate configuration, according to the characteristics of different materials, can increase or reduce the part of the equipment.


The production process of dry-process laminating machine mainly includes: installation of the substrate along the guide roller, proportional distribution of adhesives good at the same time, the oven starts, the heating system to achieve the corresponding set temperature, open the drive motor, step can start production, rolling equipment, the basic material coating should first through the ANILOX, plastic coating, after baking, drying, After coating process is completed, by the EPC gas-liquid composite correction of some compounds, and a rolling substrate part, the second joint realizes the composite technology, cooling the windings after cooling the windings to complete the entire production of the base material.

  Oil glue laminating MachineHave a certain quality assurance: We know that the market is the lifeline of enterprise Development, a successful business, perfect marketing system is the fundamental existence of enterprises, therefore, strengthen internal management and external image publicity, based on our commitment to market development and management, to build a modern market economy and marketing model, and efforts from product development, quality management to do the right things in the after-sales service and other links, so that our customers can get better products and services. Our service concept is: for the customer quality service, grow together with customers, pre-sales services: pre-sales Service is our customer service system is an important part of the customer's choice of equipment, process solutions, sample processing, and so on, to provide economic and reasonable configuration program, we not only provide you with machine tools, and a complete solution. You only need to put forward your needs, everything else by us to solve, sales and service is mainly active and customer to the business and technical consistency, strictly in accordance with the strict contract production plan, limited to meet customer delivery requirements.