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Various functions of oil glue laminating machine
Edit:Wuxi Terry Machinery Factory   PublicDate:2018-05-07

     Generally speakingOil glue laminating Machineis a home textiles, clothing, furniture, automotive interiors and other related industries, a composite equipment. Mainly used in two or more layers of cloth, leather, film, paper, Sponge and so on. It is also divided into rubber compounds and adhesive-free compounds. Adhesives are divided into water glue and polyurethane oil glue. Hot-melt adhesives and other non adhesive composite processes are usually directly bonded or directly mixed with flames. The national standard of rubber compound machine was implemented. The characteristics of the oil-glue laminating machine: On the basis of traditional adhesive bonding machine, the automatic deviation, automatic edge, automatic bar, automatic opening and automatic blowing edge are improved. The composite has the advantages of uniform coating, smooth compound, no tensile deformation, no foaming, wrinkling, softness, breathable, good reel, strong fastness and washing.

There are many kinds of composite materials, especially suitable for fabrics, wool and wool, cloth leather, cloth stickers, sponge-stick cloth, sponge-stick leather, paste fabric double-sided or four-sided elastic knitted fabrics. A suitable structure can be chosen according to different materials. Parts can be added or reduced according to the characteristics of different materials. It is suitable for the combination of water-soluble and solvent binder coating, and realizes the function of All-in-one machine. Coating volume and coating style can be adjusted according to the material and actual needs. Roll heating can be heated by electricity, steam or heat-conducting oil. Machine roller width can be based on the actual material and the maximum size of the system can be specified by the Intelligent PLC Program touch screen or mechanical operation.