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The use skill of the mesh belt compound machine
Edit:Wuxi Terry Machinery Factory   PublicDate:2017-12-25

 ImproveMesh Belt laminating MachineThe amount of gelatinize, too little or part of the substrate surface is not coated adhesive, will lead to composite two substrates difficult to fit, increase the amount of glue, the amount of glue too little or some substrate surface not coated adhesive, will lead to composite when the two substrates difficult to fit. We can choose a deeper mesh point roller, or by increasing the rubber roller pressure and reduce the blade and roller contact pressure to increase the surface of the substrate coating the amount of glue, for some plastic film substrate, can be coated before the corona treatment, so that the surface of HP, so as to improve the ability of the substrate adsorption adhesive, so that the surface of the gelatinize increased.


  Mesh Belt laminating MachineSelection of suitable drying temperature, too high or too low will affect the bond fastness of the composite film, coating substrate drying temperature too high or after high temperature cooking, will make the surface of the adhesive is carbonized, thereby damaging adhesive bonding ability, drying temperature too low manufacturer information, adhesive curing is not complete, adhesive viscosity is poor, Compound is not solid and after a period of time, the composite membrane is easy to form bubbles, damage the composite quality of products, of course, we can choose high temperature and good cooking-resistant adhesive digital printing presses to adapt to higher temperature drying, such as the selection of polyurethane adhesive.

The complex pressure of the mesh belt compound machine or the uneven pressure at both ends of the composite roll will cause the composite membrane surface to fold, and the composite folds form an empty tunnel to influence the bonding fastness of the finished product. It is beneficial to increase the bonding force by adding compound pressure properly, in addition, in order to improve the bonding effect of composite film and the quality of dairy packaging, we should try to avoid foreign bodies, dust and other debris sticking on the adhesive or substrate composite surface, concluding operation, to carefully observe the production process of various problems and failures, Reasonable use of the above methods to eliminate the fault. When a number of problems or failures, the use of a single method may not be balanced, at this time should avoid light on heavy packaging machinery, focus on key issues, and then choose other methods to solve the secondary problem.