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Installation instructions for the ultrasonic embossing machine produced by embossing machine manufacturers
Edit:Wuxi Terry Machinery Factory   PublicDate:2018-05-07

       Pressure Flower machine ManufacturersUltrasonic embossing machine also known as ultrasonic lace machine. It is an effective suture and embossing device. It is mainly used for stitching, melting, cutting and embossing of fiber fabrics. Processing products with good water tightness, high production efficiency, no needles, smooth surface, feel good. Ultrasonic embossing machine is widely used in clothing, toys, food, non-woven bags, masks (cup cover, flat). and other industries, such as masks, stereo masks, etc.

Embossing machine manufacturers of ultrasonic embossing Machine installation: Disassembly packaging, inspection equipment surface, no damage, check screw loose, electrical connectors are locked, accessories are complete. When finished, place the equipment on a flat, hard ground, at least 0.5 meters away from the heat source and ensure the flowers. Edge machine before and after at least 1 meters, or at least 0.5 meters of space, in order to operate, check the back of the Hair box label voltage requirements, and to ensure that the system grounded in good, the equipment and power and gas source connection, and pay first switch off.

Before using the new machine, we must read the manual of the intensity Ultrasonic press and know the contents of the manual. Functional description of mechanical parts: Adjusting screw cap: limit cylinder stroke, pressure wheel cylinder: up and down control pressure wheel, pulley switch: Pressure wheel control switch, on the left side of the engine, the pressure wheel drop. Head, mold frame: fixed flower wheel, flower wheel: sewing, die-cutting parts, cooling fan: cooling vibration of the temperature, so that it can work for a long time, vibration box function: Amplitude display: Its function refers to the resonance between ultrasonic. Nic vibrator and steel mold, rotating sound wave adjustment knob, can make reading changes, general adjustment to 50 below, an ammeter: indicating the working current of ultrasonic, welding head state and system without load resonance, under normal circumstances for the 0.4~0.6A,DEPN size of the output power. When the load is loaded, it is determined by the pressure area and the flower wheel, and the complexity and size are usually 1~2.5a.