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What are the main contents of anti-carburizing bricks?
Edit:Wuxi Terry Machinery Factory   PublicDate:2018-01-22

  Anti-carburizing BricksThe main contents include: High carburizing, small linear change, chemical stability, corrosion resistance of their best performance, low thermal conductivity, application range: Carbon bricks all kinds of ceramic kiln liner and permeability ceiling materials, control of atmospheric lining materials and other industrial furnace insulation materials, rapid cooling kiln refractory lining of the mouth, annoying, The thermal shock frequency range of the air temperature in the 800℃~ 800 ℃, can support the steel sintering wear and corrosion of the basic tools. The selection of the main materials of refractory castable must be determined according to the precondition to achieve low cost and easy to use.


  Anti-carburizing BricksRefractory aggregate selection of 2 bauxite clinker, clinker, mullite, etc., the key granularity of amplification, should be reasonable size distribution, to achieve densification, contribute to the excitation of thermal shock resistance and strength, to solve the water seepage refractory materials include: Cao, SiO2, Feo slag; Iron, silicon, aluminum, manganese, C, even metal vapor, CO gas, etc. These heavy osmotic compositions concentrate on the physical and chemical properties of the pores of refractory materials, the physics and chemistry characteristics of the refractory refractories and the working temperature of the original matrix converter, and the crack, spalling and loose structure show that the melting process is more serious than the damage process.

Anti-carburizing brick permeability and low iron content and high carburizing carbon bricks, small linear change and good chemical stability, erosion resistance their best performance, low thermal conductivity, carburizing brick various ceramic kiln lining and ceiling materials, control of atmospheric lining materials and other industrial furnace insulation materials, vacuum carburizing is the world's most advanced heat treatment method, is also a rapid development in recent years, new technology heat treatment. Compared with the traditional carburizing method, the vacuum carburizing can control the carbon content precisely, the carburizing product has good permeability layer surface quality and uniformity, has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, and is widely used in automobile, machinery, aerospace and other fields. The furnace temperature uniformity and heating time are the main indexes of the heating performance of the vacuum furnace, which is determined by the heating chamber structure of the core parts of the vacuum carburizing furnace, and the design is reasonable, which directly affects the performance of the furnace and the production efficiency of the product.