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Composite machine manufacturers to teach you the daily maintenance of the composite machine
Edit:Wuxi Terry Machinery Factory   PublicDate:2018-04-09

Composite machine ManufacturersTeach you the daily maintenance of the laminating machine

First, the Daily security

1, work 30 minutes before closing, cleaning and cleaning the composite machine guide rollers and rollers to ensure that the guide roller and pressure roller bright and flexible.

2, in a long time before parking or parking, in a timely manner cots and cots separate, cleaning cots, cots, plastic groove, hose, glue, dirt.

3, the composite machine around the ground to maintain cleanliness and neatness, no dirt, dust and so on.

4, regular inspection of the composite Machine Guide roller and roll rotation to ensure normal operation.

Second, Zhoubao

1, every Saturday before work to check the operation of the components of the composite machine, timely detection of abnormal handling.

2. Check and clean the torque motor of coiling machine every Saturday.

Third, monthly insurance

1. One day each month to complete the weekly and monthly insurance content.

2, remove all the protective cover of the machine, thoroughly clean and transport all transmission sprocket, chain and gear, do not need any dirt and grease to normal drive. Carefully check all shaft bearing is normal, found abnormal timely repair.

3, thoroughly clean and maintain electric hoist, conduct comprehensive security checks to ensure safe and normal.

4, thoroughly clean and check the cooling fan, without accumulating dust, the blade normal operation.

5, complete cleaning and maintenance of air compressors, drainage and replacement of oil, check the supply is normal, found abnormal timely maintenance.

6, check the machine lines, electrical components, motor and transmission parts are abnormal, found problems in a timely manner to ensure the machine intact rate.