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Basic characteristics and application of oil-glue laminating machine
Edit:Wuxi Terry Machinery Factory   PublicDate:2018-02-26

  Oil glue laminating MachineApplications: For films, breathable membranes and non-woven fabrics, such as glue on the material, oil glue laminating machine is mainly applicable to baby diapers, medical protective clothing, food desiccant bags and other industrial products for non-woven materials such as plastic composite (laminated) and slotted processing, applicable to household air purifier, automotive air purifier, air-conditioner, Refrigerator and other auxiliary filtration processing, although the oil glue laminating machine is an extensible function of the composite machine, but can be used as a printer, from the printing speed, print quality, paper processing capacity, printing function and so on are the same as the printer, but in the print load and single page printing cost even better than the ordinary printer.


And in the safe printing, printing printer, network printing and other technology and printer field consistent, even in the trend of color development, digital laminating machine and printer field has been kept in sync, there seems to be no reason to exclude it in the printing field the most important, oil glue laminating machine can connect to the network, with information systems and office systems integration, Become an important part of the company Information System, digital laminating machine than the general copier another major change is the human-computer interaction ability, large LCD screen, touch Input Method Introduction, very intelligent.

It can operate the information processing terminal independently, the modulation laser light Shilai thanks the light body scanning exposure, to the photosensitive body formation of some ideas, including electrostatic potential, of course, thanks to the laser beam bright body, before scanning need to charge the surface evenly charged. After the latent image formation, after the development, the transfer, the fixed process, may obtain the necessary copy.