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Brief introduction of the design of hot melt adhesive compound machine
Edit:Wuxi Terry Machinery Factory   PublicDate:2018-03-30

    Hot Melt Adhesive Laminating MachineIt is a composite machine with hot melt adhesive as composite medium. Hot Melt adhesive is a kind of glue which can be melted after heating, and can be used for compound of various materials.

From the physical structure level of the hot Melt Glue machine system, its performance is concrete and three-dimensional. Concrete and stereo structure can be regarded as the combination of each module, forming the overall layout of the hot Melt Bonding composite machine system.

The layout design of hot melt adhesive compound machine oftenis not isolated, must consider the relationship between the structure of the system, in general, the structure of the hot melt Adhesive composite machine is to determine three kinds of unshared components, as well as mass customization platform, the unshared structure is a unique and other system or system parts uncommon system structure, in part for example, fixed wrench and screwdriver, the unshared structure is relatively simple , compact series.

The structure of a platform is characterized by shared components, components, or subsystems. The platform structure is usually divided into five kinds of structures: component family, component generation, consumable components, standard type and purchase adjustable.

The structure layout design of hot melt adhesive compound machine depends on the customer's demand, if the user's requirements are constantly changing, we must use the group generation platform, if the user needs Center is very stable, the user's needs are very unified, the use of the identification of the structure of unshared series, if the user needs Center is very stable, The specific needs of various types of users are discrete, we must use the component family structure, if the user's demand center and the specific requirements of all levels, should be used to adjust the structure. If there is demand welcome to visit: