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Main advantages of water glue laminating machine
Edit:Wuxi Terry Machinery Factory   PublicDate:2018-05-16


     Water Glue laminating MachineThe main advantages are: many varieties, environmental protection, low price, a variety of water-soluble paint with adhesives, such as general water solution, scraping and other functional slurry. Water-soluble due to its function, environmental protection, low price, will be the direction of future painting, the disadvantage is that the thin film molding, poor washing hardness, PU can not be placed hot air glue, oil coated oil solvent (toluene, DMF, butanone, etc.) as a solvent, acrylic or pol. Yutran dissolved, good film-forming effect, good speed, PU can guarantee warm air rubber, now widely coated. Oil film Press features: The machine in the traditional glue presses, automatic deviation, automatic calibration center, automatic demoulding, automatic feed and so on on the basis of upgrading and transformation.

Water glue laminating machine mainly adopts water-based rubber or natural rubber to continue coating to winding composite material, and the washing strength is not high. PU Press is mainly applicable to clothing, automotive interiors, home Textiles, industry, water glue, etc., mainly applicable to shoes and hats, home textiles, bags, automotive interiors, carpets and other industries. It is mainly in the form of Pu glue to transfer the fabric to another layer of fabric. It has the characteristics of good water resistance, washing, softness, strong air permeability and no deformation. The difference between glue and water glue press is that water-based coating gum is emulsified by a special emulsifying device through aqueous solvents and acrylic or polyurethane resins.

The composite has the advantages of uniform coating, composite surface, no tensile deformation, no stretching, foaming, wrinkling, softness, good permeability, neat, peeling force, washing, etc., suitable for fabric stickers, wool stickers and cloth p. such as leather, cloth foil, sponge tape, sponge noodle leather, fabric noodles double-sided or four-sided elastic knitted fabric and other materials can be set up according to different materials and liquidation, to select the appropriate configuration.