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Characteristics of double glue groove mesh belt compound machine
Edit:Wuxi Terry Machinery Factory   PublicDate:2018-04-19

The friction between the gravure drum and the scraping knife has a great effect on the printing effect and the gravure resistance in the friction of the network belt composite. The kinetic model of friction between gravure drum and scraping knife is established from the microscopic contact angle, based on the model, the factors affecting the friction between the gravure drum and the scraping knife are studied qualitatively, and the influence of the printing speed, the blade angle and the vibration of the gravure press on the friction between the gravure drum and the scraping knife is determined.

  Double glue Groove Mesh belt laminating machineCharacteristics: can give two layers of material at the same time glue, so that the composite fastness better, can also be used to three layers of thin materials one-time glue, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, double tape groove mesh belt combined with high temperature network belt pressure, so that the composite material and dryer full contact to improve drying effect, so that after the processing of soft, washable, Good fastness, the machine mesh belt with automatic infrared offset device, can effectively prevent the network belt deviation, extend the service life of the mesh belt.

The heating system of double glue groove mesh belt compound machine is divided into two groups, and the user can choose Heating mode (one or two groups) according to the need. Can effectively save energy, reduce production costs, according to the needs of the matching DC motor or inverter linkage, so that the machine has a better control, laminating machine using a short ink line inking system for ink, reel material printing, Gravure printing presses high speed, gravure seihan long cycle, Seihan expensive, suitable for a large number of label production, the use of gravure printing press production of self-adhesive label graphics and text fine, rich, thin film labels for roll to roll printing, the need for volatile drying inks, offsctdruckereien can be printed thicker plastic materials, suitable for high-volume printing.