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Basic characteristics of water glue compound machine and strong glue compound machine
Edit:Wuxi Terry Machinery Factory   PublicDate:2017-11-28

  Water Glue laminating MachineUses: Mainly used in clothing fabrics, polar fleece, not inverted velvet, elastic cloth, non-woven fabrics, wallpaper, leather, sponge, woven, SPE,TPU, PU, PE, EVA, PVC and other materials between the composite, widely used in clothing, automotive interiors, shoes, bags, decoration, home textiles and other industries. Features: The whole system adopts Intelligent PLC computer program control, it is very simple and convenient to operate. Greatly reduces the artificial (4-5 people), reduces the cost, enhances the work efficiency, is currently the market one of the most advanced equipment. Machine equipped with automatic collection, unwinding, film release, film collection, automatic rectification, composite drying, water cooling, automatic cutting edge and other units. The composite material has the advantages of uniform coating, compound formation, no tensile deformation, no foaming, no wrinkling, softness, excellent breathability, good take-up and so on.

  Water Glue laminating MachineThere are many kinds of composite materials, such as: fabrics and fabrics, fabrics (double-sided or four-sided elastic type) and film (high permeable film or medium and low permeability film), non-woven fabric and leather, sponge and flannel, sponge and leather, paper and cloth and other materials coated composite, the volume can be based on different materials, to choose the appropriate way to roll. (can be customized to make large volumes), suitable for water soluble and solvent-based adhesive coating composite, to achieve a more versatile function, the amount of glue and gelatinize can be adjusted according to the material and the actual needs of the drum heating can be used electricity, steam or heat conduction oil way to heating.

The strength rubber compound machine cuts out the scrap belt to adopt the automatic blowing material way, no need to use manual to pull, machine roll width can be based on the actual material of the largest width to specific, the operator should be the machine before the boot clean, add lubricating oil, and carefully check the parts have no loose, off, the gears have no foreign body, normal rear can boot, According to the requirements of the substrate through the guide roller, tension roller, glue roller, guide roller and oven. The guide roller, the tension roller, the substrate itself should be free of wrinkles, no special circumstances, the machine should be slow to start, the car should be slowed down, the substrate in the walk should maintain appropriate tension, tension is too small compound prone to oblique wrinkles; the tension is too large, the substrate in the process of stretching will appear longitudinal fold. In particular, the tension of two base materials should be coordinated so as to avoid the deformation of the two-layer material after the composite stress is different.