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Tipping machine manufacturers of automatic tipping machine technology and foreign gap
Edit:Wuxi Terry Machinery Factory   PublicDate:2017-11-28

  Bronzing machine ManufacturersProduction of automatic bronzing machine suitable for metal, glass, ceramics, plastics, wood, leather and other materials of the workpiece hot stamping. such as daily necessities, electrical appliances, auto parts, hardware tools, children's toys, handicrafts and cosmetics and other hot stamping. Then the domestic bronzing technology and foreign what is the difference?

At present, the foreign advanced die-cutting machine, bronzing machine is further to the intelligent, multi-functional, large, high speed, high-precision, high stability and online development direction, domestic machine is mainly horizontal flat die-cutting machine, bronzing die-cut dual-use machines in some respects with the world advanced level has been quite close. However, the gap between circular flattening, circular press and the on-line is quite large, so we must vigorously develop such equipment. Domestic die-cutting machine, automatic bronzing confidential overall catch up with the world's advanced level is still a long way to go, in the speed, function, precision, especially in the machine stability, reliability and after-sales service there is a certain gap, to further improve and improve the machine performance, we need to strengthen the key components and system reliability of theoretical research, and make it for practice , the design level of the key parts is raised to a new level by using various modern design methods, which can further improve the performance and stability of the machine.

  Bronzing machine ManufacturersProduction of automatic stamping machine is specially designed for the surface of a special round substrate bronzing and design, mainly applicable to hoses, caps, cream bottles, test tubes, such as round products, integrated synchronous feeding, surface flame treatment, automatic alignment and many other functions, the whole machine to achieve mechanical transmission, touch screen operation, easy to achieve man-machine dialogue, electronic sensors to achieve " No printing ", low pressure alarm, such as automatic monitoring function, servo fiber alignment system, can achieve a part of the precise alignment of products. At present, bronzing machine manufacturers of domestic bronzing machine has an attractive performance price ratio, there is the need for sustained market growth, as well as the traditional concept of change, and many other advantages, coupled with the country's attention, for the die-cutting machine, automatic bronzing machines to create a very good condition, the overall catch-up with the world's advanced level is still possible.