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The reason of carbonization of hot melt adhesive in Hot melt adhesive compound machine
Edit:Wuxi Terry Machinery Factory   PublicDate:2017-11-28

 often useHot Melt Adhesive Laminating MachineThe people will know that hot melt glue machine after a long time will see the plastic barrel around a layer of black material, these are some carbide, many people will not know, how these carbide formation, how we should be very good to avoid the production of too much carbide. In fact, mainly from the following several aspects can be analyzed. Hot melts produce carbonation and even the phenomenon of gel is mainly due to the following aspects: Plastic box temperature is too high, temperature control failure, the actual temperature is lower than the display temperature, or a high temperature of a lot of control, hot melt plastic box surface of the plastic layer carbonation, the thermal stability of the glue itself is not good hot melts in the plastic box inside the time is longer.

  Hot Melt Adhesive Laminating MachineIn the plastic box there are two different kinds of hot melts exist, for the above reasons, the daily use of plastic process needs to do the following: The temperature set according to the technical parameters, such as carbonization and other anomalies to check temperature control and the difference between the actual temperatures, the lid of the plastic box at any time close to avoid the surface of high-temperature hot melts and fresh air contact, Accelerated oxidation, a small amount of time with glue, plastic box hot melt glue to add less than one-third to half between the addition of several maintenance can be, has been a long time repeatedly heating the heat-melt adhesive clean out after the new plastic, do not use two different properties of hot melt adhesive.

  Hot Melt Adhesive Laminating MachineThe bonding interlining is made of a hot melt adhesive on the fabric surface. When used, the bonded interlining is cut to the desired shape and size, and the side of the hot melt adhesive is bonded to the back of the other fabric material (fabric). It is lined in the lining of the garment, as the skeleton of the clothing, simplifies the garment processing technology and time, so that the clothing has lightness, beauty, comfort, retention, washing, durability and other aspects of the effect. Interlining processing of the general requirements of hot melt adhesive is colorless and tasteless, soft texture, fast adhesion, dry-wet washing, plastic can not affect the fabric, light and so on. Interlining processing can use a variety of hot melt adhesives, almost all types of hot melts can be used, the most used are ethylene-acetic acid ethylene (EVA) Hot melt adhesive, polyamide hot melt Adhesive and high-pressure polyethylene (HDPE) Hot melt powder, and the use of different uses of hot melt adhesives and processing methods are also different.