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What are the types of printing machines produced by printing machine manufacturers?
Edit:Wuxi Terry Machinery Factory   PublicDate:2017-11-28

 As far as home and abroad,Printing machine ManufacturersThe production of printing machines are mainly divided into: Heat transfer printing machine, digital printing machine (universal printer) flat screen printing machine and rotary screen printing machine, such as walking Taiwan printing machine. Universal printer: is a "non-contact with the object" of inkjet printing of High-tech digital printing equipment, at present, the universal printer manufacturers are produced by Epson, HP and other manufacturers of inkjet printers converted into, color inkjet printer Because of its good printing effect and lower price advantages and thus occupy the vast number of low-end market. In addition inkjet printer also has more flexible paper processing capacity, in the choice of print media, inkjet printer also has a certain advantage: You can print envelopes, stationery and other ordinary media, but also can print a variety of film, photo paper, CD cover, roll paper, T-shirt transfer paper and other special media.

So the printer can be modified to print glass, PVC, wood and other materials, so it is called Universal printer. Rotary Network Model: Rotary screen printing machine is the printing plate, rotary screen printing machine is directly using the guide belt, printing speed is faster, up to 5000m per hour, the disadvantage is that only a fixed pattern, Suitable for mass production of grey fabric. The printing plate of the drum printing machine is a copper roll, the drum printing machine is a number of embossed printing copper roll around a bearing roller, neither the guide belt nor the board. Its guide belt (copper roll), round net (printing rollers), grey fabric are constantly running, they can only print fabric, can not print pieces. The speed is similar to the circle net,Printing machine ManufacturersThe production of unlimited long digital printing machine: Unlimited long digital printing machine is a change in the bad environment of the latest factory-oriented production, batch of pure cotton direct-injection printer.

It can start printing in any direction to meet different needs, flat screen models:Printing machine ManufacturersProduction of flat screen printing machine is a flat screen version, flat screen printing machine with both the guide is also a board, the guide is called: Guide Belt printing machine suitable for printing a large area of clothing slurry, can not print glue.