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Bronzing machine manufacturers of the use of bronzing machine notice of what?
Edit:Wuxi Terry Machinery Factory   PublicDate:2017-11-28

  Bronzing machine ManufacturersThe production of aluminum layer hot stamping transfer must be done through pressure, the size of the hot stamping pressure on anodized adhesion fastness. Even if the temperature is right, if the pressure is insufficient, also cannot make anodized good transfer to the substrate, will produce imprinted hollow, flower version and so on; on the contrary, if the pressure is too large, gasket and substrate compression deformation is too large, imprinted will be thick, or even adhesion, paste version. Usually hot stamping pressure should be properly adjusted to achieve no fading, adhesion fastness as a guideline, adjust the pressure of the printing press to comprehensive substrate, hot stamping temperature, speed and anodized itself and many other factors. Generally speaking, the paper is strong, smoothness, printing ink layer thick, and hot stamping temperature, slow speed of the case, hot stamping pressure should be smaller, on the contrary, it should be larger.

  Bronzing machine ManufacturersThe production of hot stamping pressure must be uniform, if found that local hot stamping and flower hemp, it is likely that the pressure here is small, should be in the flat on the pad on a layer of thin paper, so that pressure tends to balance, hot stamping of the liner on the impact of pressure is also greater. Hard pad can make imprinted delicate, suitable for strong, smooth paper, such as coated papers, glass cardboard; while soft liner is reversed, imprinted on the rough, suitable for a larger area of hot stamping, especially the surface roughness, paper flatness, smoothness, poor, more rough paper.

  Bronzing machine ManufacturersThe production of stamping machine hot stamping speed: Hot stamping speed actually reflects the hot stamping substrate and hot stamping foil contact time, directly affect the hot stamping fastness. Hot stamping speed too fast, can cause hot stamping or imprinted hair, hot stamping speed too slow will affect the quality of hot stamping, but also affect the production efficiency, hot stamping process speed, pressure, temperature mutual constraints, the process parameters are always in accordance with the speed of short-run, pressure, temperature of the order to determine. First of all to determine short-run speed, under normal circumstances, the constant treatment, not easy to change, and then find out with the hot stamping pressure and hot stamping temperature, this can simplify the operating procedures, but also easy to control the quality of hot stamping.