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Appearance and characteristics of the flat embossing machine with superfine fiber cloth
Edit:Wuxi Terry Machinery Factory   PublicDate:2017-11-28

Superfine Fiber ClothFlat embossing MachineThe appearance of beautiful, structural science, stable performance, easy to operate, the whole machine after multiple testing, layer checks, greatly reduce the maintenance of trouble, so that you operate more assured that the use of more worry, the medical profession is mainly used for disposable product packaging equipment: Blood bag welding machine, medicine bag welding machine, drainage bag welding machine, urine bag welding machine, Bedsore Mattress welding machine, medical cushion welder, medical mattress welder, automatic medical bag welder, blood bag sealing machine, such as plastic sealing equipment.

Inflatable toys industry mainly common equipment: life jacket welding machine, air cushion welding machine, life buoy welding machine, PVC gas pillow welding machine, blowing sofa welding machine, blowing cushion welder, inflatable bed welding machine, inflatable castle welding machine, inflatable toys welding machine, steamboat welder and other plastic welding equipment, Household goods industry is the main common equipment: Plastic carpet embossing machine, PVC carpet welding machine, shower curtain machine, toothbrush sealing machine, non-slip mat welder, soft film smallpox welder, mouse pad welding machine, water bed welding machine, hot tub welding machine, electric warm treasure welder PVC plastic welding machine.

Superfine Fiber ClothFlat embossing MachineCharacteristics of the equipment: the molding time can be adjusted arbitrarily, the main use of temperature-controlled thermocouple temperature control heating up and down, any adjustable temperatures, intelligent temperature control, so that the set temperature and the actual temperature difference of 1-10 degrees, travel limit regulator, according to the pressure of the material, the thickness of the mold to adjust, the specifications of the platen: 1000x500, can also be customized according to customer requirements, also known as High frequency imprint printing, the impression of a strong sense of feeling, the use of silicone filler, with a good feel, high temperature, wear-resistant, washable, ironing, at the same time silicone non-toxic, high flexibility, not easy to scratch the skin.