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Wuxi Terry Machinery Factory is engaged in many years of composite machinery product development, development, production and sales of professional chemical plants, Wuxi Terry Machinery Factory is the original agent of the German composite machinery, now has a production plant in Wuxi, Wuxi machinery factory in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, the introduction of foreign technical content of a high composite machinery.

First, strong technical force

Possession and introduction of foreign advanced technology, and further improve the reliability of the product, in the factory before the strict inspection, in the operation of serious listening to the user's views, to ensure the stability of product performance, and can handle a variety of composite materials processing difficulties.

Second, the perfect after-sale service and technical support system

Purpose is: All for the User Service, has a special responsibility for technical and after-sales service departments responsible for technical advice, in the running process to maintain close user contact.

Third, in today's cloth windbreaker (cloth and cloth composite), and Antarctic cotton underwear swept the country, the machinery has (solvent-based glue, dry powder, cold paste, powder point transfer, slurry point transfer) multi-functional, can be combined with a variety of products, better solve the complex quality, low cost and difficult.