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Wuxi Terry Machinery Factory is engaged in many years of composite machinery product development, development, production and sales of professional chemical plants, the main composite machine manufacturers, embossing machine manufacturers, bronzing machine manufacturers, printing machine manufacturers, Hot melt adhesive laminating machine, mesh belt laminating machine, oil glue laminating machine, triple composite machine, flat embossing machine, water glue laminating machine, etc. Company has strong technical strength, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, and further improve the reliability of the product, in the factory before the strict inspection, in the operation of serious listening to the user opinion, to ensure the stability of product performance, and can handle a variety of composite materials processing difficulties. Have a sound after-sales service and technical support system, all for the user Service, has a special responsibility for technical and after-sales service departments responsible for technical advice, in the running process to maintain close user contact.

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5 Big reasons to choose us


Introduction of ForeignAdvancedProduction Technology of compound machine
With foreign advanced production technology, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs

Further improve the reliability of the product

PerfectAfter saleService
With perfect after-sales service, all for the user Service

Provide technical support throughout, so that you more assured that more worry


Complete theTechnical supportSystem
Pre-sales, sales, after-sale technical support

Maintain close customer contact during operation


All products in the factory before the strict inspection, to ensure that every machine factory are qualified products, to prevent defective entry into the market
Listen to users ' opinions and feedback to technical department in operation


Multi-year composite machinery productsDevelopmentProduction experience

With the introduction of foreign advanced technology, digestion and absorption, improve innovation
Years of manufacturing experience, rigorous process, to ensure reliable quality, stable performance

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